My digital journey so far.


I started my digital journey as a ghostwriter for Essays.ph, a content writing website here in the Philippines. The pay wasn't good, but the constant research got my foot in the door in the digital marketing space.

I also freelanced on 199Jobs.com, a Fiverr-like website. I offered various services like social media management and content writing. As a college student an extra P2,000 each month was very helpful and this sparked my journey to entrepreneurship.


Using my $3/day allowance as a a college sophomore, I manage to build and ultimately sell my first affiliate website for $3,500 on Empire Flippers.  This was back when they still accept websites in this price range. 


High on my earnings from the last year, I built a few more affiliate websites in the gaming and pet industries and flipped them, totaling $3,330 on Flippa, and around $1,000 through direct transactions.


Through a BPO company (MicroSourcing), I worked as an SEO Specialist for Online Republic focusing on one of their many websites in the travel industry. 

I also started offering affiliate website services on the side, which includes content creation, link building, and website maintenance. It came to a point that my side hustle paid more than my regular income, so after a few months of working there, I resigned and ventured on my own. 

I also started selling pre-made affiliate websites for $400 each.


Sold another affiliate website in the gaming niche for $6,000. The website was earning $600-$700 per month at one point. I made the site, wrote (and outsourced some of) the content, and built all links to it. 

Created an affiliate website business called SERPSeeds with a business partner from India. Sold my half of the business to him for $10,000, and focused on personal projects.

Won a writing competition worth P75,000 (approx $1,500) from Outsource Accelerator.


Created Outreach Authority, a small link building agency. Hired, trained, and managed a 14-person team of writers, editors, and link builders. 

Also tried my hand building a brick and mortar business, a laundry shop to be exact. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic hit both businesses hard and I had to shut them down, losing more or less P1,000,000. 

While this is a big blow to my income sources, I luckily manage to hedge myself with a couple of extra clients and other digital projects. I took this as an opportunity to reset and recover mentally, take a step back, and really assess my goals for the next few years.


Started making plans and writing drafts for an SEO training course for Filipinos. I bought the domain for SEO Training Philippines, a comprehensive online course for Filipino freelancers.

The course was supposed to launch in January 2021, but got delayed to April 2021 because I want the course to be absolutely perfect and worth its price.

I also won a local government-sponsored photography contest.

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