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Outsource your SMEs Search Engine Optimization campaign to a seasoned SEO expert in the Philippines and ensure your website skyrockets to the first page of search engine rankings. Client-centric, consistent, and cost-conscious.

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About Me

Hi I’m Yeshua, Owner of SEOTraining.ph. I’ve been in the Digital Marketing industry for 10 years now, with humble beginnings as a Content Writer, then moving on to building affiliate marketing websites, and finally co-founding two remote agencies involved in web development for affiliate websites and SEO.

I love working with SMEs, helping them land more clients through organic search and ultimately improving their bottom line.

If I’m not working, I’m usually watching TV shows on Netflix or playing video games. To learn more about my services you can reach me at me@yeshquijano.com.

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Why Choose Me

My comprehensive SEO services is perfect for SMEs that are looking to grow this year.

Client-First Approach

My clients’ happiness is my happiness too. As such, I make sure that customer satisfaction is a top priority. Working with me gets you top-notch SEO services along with great customer service.

Results-Based Campaign

We don’t run a campaign based on SEO strategies that are trending. We always take a look at a campaign’s performance and adjust our strategies accordingly.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

As a fellow businessperson, I know how it feels to be in your shoes. Rest assured that we run our SEO campaigns with your business’ growth in mind.


John Smith

“Yesh has significantly boosted our website’s visibility and organic traffic with his exceptional SEO skills. His strategic approach and attention to detail have been instrumental in our online success.”

Jane Doe

“Working with Yesh transformed our digital presence. His expertise in SEO strategies led to remarkable improvements in our search rankings, driving more targeted traffic to our site. Truly outstanding work!”

Chad Charlton

“Yesh’s SEO expertise is unparalleled. He delivered tailored strategies that not only improved our search engine rankings but also increased our engagement rates. His dedication to success is evident in our results.”

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